» » » Enter our St. Patrick’s Day contest for a chance to win Paddy

Enter our St. Patrick’s Day contest for a chance to win Paddy

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Here’s your chance to win a hardbound copy of Paddyand the Wolves: A Story About Saint Patrick When He Was a Boy and the accompanying coloring book . . .  a $38 retail value. Enter by this Sunday 12 March, 2017. The winner will be chosen randomly from the pool of names entered, and the book will be shipped on Monday, March 13, to arrive before Saint Patrick’s Day.
Just answer the following questions, true or false (T or F) in the subject line of your response.
1. Patrick was the missionary to Scotland. True or false?
2. Patrick had a British name at birth. True or false?
3. Patrick would have bumped into a Roman at some point in his life. True or false?
4. The shamrock is the symbol of Ireland. True or false?
Send your response by email with your answers in the subject line, for example “TTFF,” to:

If you can’t wait until March 12, feel free to get the free PDF file or buy the book.

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