“Beautiful storytelling in the service of Christ.”

That’s our motto and mission, because we believe in the power of beauty and the power of stories to lead people—especially children and young people—to Christ.

We carry out that mission by producing beautiful books and digital media, with an emphasis on resources for Catholic families. We’re deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, and all our catechetical materials are submitted for diocesan review.


What we do

We operate two content-based websites and a print/digital publication operation.

Peanut Butter & Grace, our first and primary effort, helps parents to raise their kids in the Catholic faith through practical family catechesis—that is, by providing them with opportunities to actively practice the faith in its many dimensions in their families. We operate the Peanut Butter & Grace website, Facebook page, and Pinterest boards. We also put out MISSION:CHRISTIAN Parents, a weekly e-newsletter that helps parents plan family faith activities for the upcoming week. You can see more about our vision for Peanut Butter & Grace at its About page.

Gracewatch is a special project to encourage Catholics, in particular, to tell their personal stories about how they have seen God at work in the world . . . because the world needs to hear these stories of hope.


How we are Catholic

The Catholic faith is central to our mission and identity. Among other things, this means we want to present the faith as clearly and accurately as possible, using the Scriptures, the lives of the holy saints and mystics, and the official teaching of the Church’s magisterium as our guides. It also means that we have an active relationship with the Diocese of Winona, which has judicial oversight of our work. (Just to be clear, we are organizationally independent of the diocese.)


Who we are

Gracewatch Media is a publishing effort of Jerry Windley-Daoust and a cast of thousands . . . or half a dozen, anyway:

Jerry Windley-Daoust (more on LinkedIn)
Publisher, sole proprietor, and chief instigator

Stephen Nagel
Consultant and creator of books

Regina Lordan
Digital editor

Karen Carter
Copy editing

Jill Miller
Small events coordinator

Sara Dethloff
Accounting assistant

Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry
Contributing editor

Fr. Geoffrey Brooke

Heidi Indahl

Ryan Langr

Renee Plunkett

Brian Smith

Theresa Wilson

Susan Windley-Daoust
Theological consultant and general cheerleader

. . . and many, many others, including our faithful crew at the PB&Grace Parents Facebook group.

We’re a small publisher, working with Ingram Content Group to print and distribute our books on demand. Print on demand and e-book technology has revolutionized the publishing industry, and makes it possible for us to publish books passed over by the major publishing houses.

Finally, at our core, we’re a family-run organization. Thanks for being “friends of the family” through your support for what we do.

And if you’ve read this far, you’ll probably want to help us grow with your donation.