MISSION:CHRISTIAN Advent + Christmas Mini-Printable

Here’s an abridged, digital version of the MISSION:CHRISTIAN December-January journal. This printable PDF download includes 22 pages of highlights from the full journal: major feast days, Sundays of Advent, special features for Advent, Christmas, and the New Year, concluding with the Baptism of the Lord on January 8. It also includes a calendar of key dates throughout December and January.

This download is great for families and parishes who want to give kids a way to journal the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas, but don’t want to invest in the daily journal. Once you download the PDF, you may make as many copies as needed for your personal use.


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You might also want to check out The Children’s Little Advent Book for kids ages 3-7.



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BYJ Saints Coloring Pages

You’ve got the Be Yourself! Journal for Catholic Girls…now get the bonus saints coloring sheets! Based on the six saints profiled in the journal, these coloring pages by award-winning artist Vicki Shuck are a great addition to the journal. Check out the previews below…then purchase and download right away!

Need a Be Yourself! Journal for Catholic Girls to go with that? You can preview and purchase here . . . remember to use coupon code GRACE15 to receive a 15% discount at checkout.

Purchasing the coloring pages entitles you to make as many copies as you like for personal use. Thanks for not re-posting online!

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St. Catherine of Siena coloring sheet

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” So said St. Catherine of Siena (April 29) . . . words of wisdom and encouragement that today’s kids need to hear! You can download this coloring sheet by Catholic artist Vicki Shuck for free, or throw a few dollars into the open guitar case (the blue “Donate” button) to support the continued development of Catholic art for kids.


A Triduum Checklist

Here’s a handy Triduum Checklist handout to help your kids prepare for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. You can opt to support Gracewatch Media by paying $3 to download the PDF, or you can download it for free using this button:


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Want a more complete version of this article? See Prepare Your Kids for Palm Sunday and Triduum at Peanut Butter & Grace.

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The Stations of the Cross for Children (printable PDF)

The Stations of the Cross for Children is written in simple language geared toward introducing younger children to the story of the Passion for the first time. It uses the list of stations recently approved by the bishops of the Philippines; this version begins with the Last Supper and ends with the Resurrection, making it a useful preparation for the rhythm of the Triduum.

The download includes a printable PDF and a PowerPoint presentation. Each of the stations in the PDF version prints on an individual sheet of letter-sized paper and includes: a work of sacred art; a reference to the relevant Scripture passage; a super-simple description of the episode recalled by the station; a prompt to thirty seconds of silent prayer; and a super-short prayer that connects reflection on the Passion to prayer and action in the world.

The PowerPoint slideshow includes the name of each station, the artwork, and a Scripture citation. It does not include music or automatic timing. A family leader can use the PDF version to narrate each slide in the PowerPoint presentation. You can preview The Stations of the Cross for Children below.

Pricing: You can get The Stations of the Cross for Children for free or, if you’d like to support our work developing products to help Catholic parents raise their kids in the faith, enter a donation of your choosing.

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Paddy in the Woods: A Printable Board Game

You’ve read the storybook . . . now play the game! Help Paddy make it through the woods and back home safely again. Young players will get a few oatcakes to help them along the way . . . plus the words of Paddy’s prayers! Simple play is suitable for ages 3-7. The game includes the 11×17 playing board (in two parts), playing cards, and instructions. You can preview the game below.

We suggest printing the game on cardstock (yourself, or send it to your local print shop) and then laminating it.

Pay for the instant download below and support the work of Gracewatch Media, or scroll down to the big red “free download” button to get the game for free if you’ve already purchased the book or if your family is on a tight budget.

Buy the Paddy and the Wolves storybook and coloring book on Amazon or right here:


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The Children’s Little Advent Book (PDF download)

The Children’s Little Advent Book is designed to help parents with children ages 4-7 on a journey through Advent to Christmas. Each day’s entry includes a brief Scripture reading, a reflection, discussion questions, a brief prayer, and a simple coloring page for children to complete after praying with their families. With The Children’s Little Advent Book, parents have an Advent resource specifically designed for short family prayer services with young children.

You may print as many copies of the PDF download version of this book as you like for your personal or institutional use. Please do not duplicate or distribute the electronic file. You will receive a download link after checking out. If you have trouble with your download, contact info@gracewatch.org.

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Preview the book here:


PDF Preview


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The Children’s Little Advent Book: Coloring Pages only

Get 28 black-and-white Advent-themed coloring pages from The Children’s Little Advent Book. The coloring pages vary in style and difficulty; we recommend previewing it using the PDF preview for the full print edition, below. Note that the coloring pages download contains the coloring pages only, not the text pages.

You may print as many copies of your coloring pages as you like for your personal or institutional use. Please do not duplicate or distribute the electronic file. You will receive a download link after checking out. If you have trouble with your download, contact info@gracewatch.org.

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Preview the book here:


PDF Preview


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Corporal Works of Mercy Cards

The Corporal Works of Mercy (Shelter the Homeless, Visit the Imprisoned, Visit the Sick, Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Clothe the Naked, and Bury the Dead) are an essential part of our Catholic faith. Now you can teach your younger children all about the Corporal Works of Mercy with this downloadable and printable set of cards and activities. You can preview the entire file in the image gallery below.


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