MISSION:CHRISTIAN February-March (Lent)

MISSION:CHRISTIAN February-March includes features on St. Brigid, St. Patrick, the Scriptural Stations of the Cross, Triduum, and more. It also includes a three-page “Do Lent for Real” fasting-giving-praying planner, and coloring sheets. Lent begins Feb. 14 and ends March 31, making this the perfect Lenten companion for kids 9 – 12.

MISSION: CHRISTIAN is more than a beautiful daily prayer journal for young Catholics. By giving kids daily missions, it offers them basic training for the spiritual life.

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Lectio Divina for Teens: Reading God’s Messages to You

Lectio Divina for Teens: Reading God’s Messages to You introduces young people to the ancient prayer practice of lectio divina in a guided journal format. It features a brief, accessible introduction to lectio divina, walking readers through the method step by step, then turns them loose to try the method themselves in eight pre-selected readings. Seven additional blank journal entries provide space for readers to choose their own readings; a list of suggested texts is included. The colorful, beautifully designed interior provides a warm and welcome space for reflection and prayer.

Lectio Divina for Teens has received an imprimatur from the Diocese of Winona.

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Family Time! is a weekly family faith formation planner distributed by e-mail and social media. Each issue includes:

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