MISSION:CHRISTIAN February-March (Lent)

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MISSION:CHRISTIAN February-March includes features on St. Brigid, St. Patrick, the Scriptural Stations of the Cross, Triduum, and more. It also includes a three-page “Do Lent for Real” fasting-giving-praying planner, and coloring sheets. Lent begins Feb. 14 and ends March 31, making this the perfect Lenten companion for kids 9 – 12.

MISSION: CHRISTIAN is more than a beautiful daily prayer journal for young Catholics. By giving kids daily missions, it offers them basic training for the spiritual life.

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MISSION:CHRISTIAN Advent + Christmas Mini-Printable

Here’s an abridged, digital version of the MISSION:CHRISTIAN December-January journal. This printable PDF download includes 22 pages of highlights from the full journal: major feast days, Sundays of Advent, special features for Advent, Christmas, and the New Year, concluding with the Baptism of the Lord on January 8. It also includes a calendar of key dates throughout December and January.

This download is great for families and parishes who want to give kids a way to journal the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas, but don’t want to invest in the daily journal. Once you download the PDF, you may make as many copies as needed for your personal use.


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MISSION:CHRISTIAN December-January includes a saint, Scripture reading, Christian mission, prayer prompt, and fun facts in every daily entry…plus, special features and activities for Christmas and Advent. Check out the full-book preview below!

If you purchased last year’s MISSION:CHRISTIAN Advent+Christmas journal, the content in this journal is substantially the same, but with a new layout and some new content.

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You might also want to check out The Children’s Little Advent Book for kids ages 3-7.



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Lectio Divina for Teens: Reading God’s Messages to You

Lectio Divina for Teens: Reading God’s Messages to You introduces young people to the ancient prayer practice of lectio divina in a guided journal format. It features a brief, accessible introduction to lectio divina, walking readers through the method step by step, then turns them loose to try the method themselves in eight pre-selected readings. Seven additional blank journal entries provide space for readers to choose their own readings; a list of suggested texts is included. The colorful, beautifully designed interior provides a warm and welcome space for reflection and prayer.

Lectio Divina for Teens has received an imprimatur from the Diocese of Winona.

Ordering 10 copies or more for a school, parish, or other institution? Inquire about bulk discounts.

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