Stations of the Cross Posters

Use these durable, colorful, kid-friendly 11 x 17 inch posters to accompany¬†The Stations of the Cross for Children. The posters are printed on durable, 200# coated cardstock so that, with proper care, they can be used year after year. The set of 15 posters (14 stations, plus a bonus Easter poster) ships in a cardboard box suitable for storing the posters when they’re not in use.

We recommend using poster-mounting putty or poster tape for safely hanging and removing the posters. They’re also stiff enough to stand propped up.

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The Stations of the Cross for Children

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The Stations of the Cross for Children was designed especially for younger children, with colorful illustrations and simple text that introduces them to the Passion of Jesus Christ on their level. Each station takes about two minutes to complete, including about thirty seconds of silent prayer. Optional prayers and Scripture references for each station offer a variety of ways to adapt and expand The Stations of the Cross for Children¬†for older kids. And the opening and closing prayers place the Passion in the larger context of Jesus’ mission…and every Christian’s call to continue that mission in the world today.

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