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A Catholic Kid’s Summer Fun Card Set


Do your kids get “bored” three days into summer break? Do they spend most of their free time glued to screens? Then we’ve got a great idea for you…or actually, 96 great ideas: A Catholic Kid’s Summer Fun Card Set.

The cards feature screen-free indoor and outdoor activity ideas for kids ages 5-12. Most require minimal parental involvement, although some require parent-provided supplies, setup, or supervision. Plus, a sprinkling of spiritual challenges help Catholic kids grow in faith throughout the summer.

How to use the cards: Print on cardstock or heavy photo paper. Then, use the cutting guide marks to cut each page into 12 square cards. Alternatively, instead of cutting each sheet into squares, post the sheets on a wall or refrigerator and have kids cross out activities as they complete them.

Preview the cards in the image gallery below.


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