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December Family Time!


Get your family ready for December with all six Family Time! printable Catholic family faith formation planners for the month! The planners cover Nov. 25 through Jan. 1, week 34 of Ordinary Time, Year B, and all of Advent, Year C, plus the Octave of Christmas, Year C. Plus, this month we’re including a bonus file…the 2018 Advent pack, a set of 9 printable pages to help your kids ages 8-12 through Advent. (Most of these pages, with the exception of the lyrics to O Come, O Come Emmanuel appeared previously in MISSION:CHRISTIAN.) Preview the printables in the gallery below.

You can use these planners in two ways:

  1. Print out a copy to keep by your family prayer table to use during family prayer. Each planner includes space for recording your family’s prayer intentions and mission for the week—the way you hope to live out your Christian vocation in the world.
  2. Use the digital version of each planner on your tablet or phone…each starred item is hyperlinked to a helpful resource such as the biography of a saint or information about a church event.

Your purchase of the printable edition of Family Time helps us pay for its development.

You can get these planners for FREE in two ways:

Making multiple copies for a parish or other institution? Purchase the planner pack download in multiples. Our suggestion is one download ($5) for every 19 families, but use your judgment.

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