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Friend of Catholic Storytellers Donation


Support the evangelization of Catholic families with beautiful art and storytelling by donating to cover the art costs of one of our upcoming books! With our Book Donor package, you’ll get:

  • Your name on a special donor page.
  • 2 hardcover copies of the finished book—one for you, and one for you to give as a gift.
  • 50% off all future orders of the book.

But most of all, you’ll have the satisfaction of helping us evangelize Catholic families with beautiful art and storytelling!

You can see a list of eligible upcoming books in the product details section below.

You may also be interested in a patron dedication.

For questions, please contact Jerry Windley-Daoust at wind@gracewatch.org. Put “Book Donor” in the subject line.



The following upcoming book projects are eligible for donor and patron book dedications.


Paddy and the Wolves

img_1857Paddy and the Wolves: An Adventure in Prayer with the Young Saint Patrick is a good example of the sort of book we’d love to make more of, with your help.


The story imagines St. Patrick as a boy of perhaps seven or eight; it opens with him being chided for being “fidgety” during his morning prayers (a detail the saint mentions in his autobiography) and sent out for the day to help the Irish shepherd, Barra, with the family’s sheep. Under Barra’s watchful eye, Paddy has all sorts of adventures throughout the day, encountering both danger and beauty. A bear, a snake, a field of bluebells, fish in a stream, a pack of wolf cubs . . . all become instruments of God’s grace, moving the young Patrick to bursts of spontaneous prayer. The young boy who fidgets too much during morning prayer thus practices praying in response to moments of peril, gratitude, and wonder.

The story deftly anticipates many elements from the life of the adult St. Patrick: his shepherd’s staff foreshadows the bishop’s crosier, and his encounter with the snake foreshadows both the legend and the courage of the mature saint. Moreover, the entire story draws on the real experience of the saint as a teenage slave tending sheep in far-away Ireland. The famous Prayer of St. Patrick (also known as the Lorica, or St. Patrick’s Breastplate) is lightly woven through the story and the art, with a fuller version, adapted for children, included in the back of the book, along with a biography of the saint and a recipe for the oat cake Paddy feeds to the wolves.

The story is written by Stephen Nagel and illustrated by renowned Catholic artist Jen Norton.  It’s slated for publication in January 2017.




The All Saints Day Party


The nights are colder, the trees have lost their colorful leaves, and the sun goes to bed right after supper. That means it is almost All Saints’ Day!

Maggie and Max can’t wait for the All Saints’ Day party. There will be pumpkins and dancing and games and treats . . . and everyone will come dressed as a saint!

“What is a saint?” Max asks his mom.

Mom explains that the saints were people whose hearts were filled to overflowing with God’s love. By their actions and their words, the saints shared God’s love with others.

“Each saint loved God in his or her own special way,” Mom says. “Anyone can be a saint!”

Maggie and Max have a big, fat book full of pictures and stories about the saints. The children look at the book for a long time, but can’t decide which saint to be for the party.

“I know!” says Maggie. “We can ask Father Bill tomorrow!”

So begins a week-long adventure for Maggie and Max as they ask family and friends for advice, and in the process, learn about six wonderful saints: Elizabeth of Hungary, Teresa of Avila, Josephine Bakhita, John Bosco, Martin de Porres, and Joseph. Which saint will they choose to be for the party? You’ll just have to read the book for the surprise ending!

The book is written by Jerry Windley-Daoust and illustrated by up-and-coming Catholic artist Shaylynn Rackers.