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MISSION:CHRISTIAN Advent+Christmas 2016


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This special Advent/Christmas edition of the MISSION:CHRISTIAN journal covers the period from Thanksgiving through the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. It includes all the same content for those dates from Volume 2 (October – January) in a smaller, more affordable package.

MISSION: CHRISTIAN is more than a beautiful daily prayer journal for young Catholics. By giving kids daily missions, it offers them basic training for the spiritual life. Check out a full description of product features and preview the whole journal in the Product Details section below.

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Yes! Get a complete preview of MISSION:CHRISTIAN (Advent and Christmas 2016):


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Can I print and use this preview?

Gracewatch Media grants your family permission to use the preview edition on a trial basis or in the event that you’re unable to pay for the download.

What is MISSION:CHRISTIAN, anyway?

mission-pilot-sampleMISSION: CHRISTIAN is more than a beautiful daily prayer journal for young Catholics. By giving kids daily missions, it offers them basic training for the spiritual life.

Each entry contains a mission based on the day’s Scripture readings or saint. Kids read and reflect on the day’s Scripture, connect with a holy mentor, write their morning prayer, choose a mission, and file a “mission report” in the evening reflecting on their day.

With its bold, colorful design and engaging text, MISSION: CHRISTIAN is a journal that kids will want to make their own. The daily mission process, grounded in the Ignatian Examen, challenges kids to live their faith every day in a real, concrete way that is connected to the Scriptures and the lived tradition of the Church. MISSION: CHRISTIAN gives kids a sense of purpose  while teaching them basic skills for following Christ:

  • Color-coded date tabs mark liturgical seasons, solemnities and feast days, giving kids a sense for the rhythm of the liturgical year.
  • Fun “trailers” for one of the day’s readings encourage kids to look up the full reading in their own Bible or online to foster Bible literacy.
  • A thumbnail sketch of the day’s saint provide kids with a spiritual mentor for the day.
  • Kids are encouraged to write down their morning prayer as well as an evening “report” . . . practices designed to lay the foundation for a vibrant spiritual life.
  • Kids are given a daily mission taken from the day’s Scripture reading or the life of the day’s saint. Or kids can opt to choose one of the many “special missions” in the back of their journal.
  • Kids will enjoy the fun facts at the bottom of each daily entry.
  • A handy reference section in the back of the journal shows kids how to look up passages in the Bible and introduces them to new spiritual practices.
  • Each month features the pope’s prayer intentions for the month, a section to record spiritual goals and prayer intentions, and a page-length introduction to an important saint in the life of the Church.

And when they’ve completed their journal, kids will have a lasting reminder of their spiritual journey . . . as well as a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church.

Check out the FAQ on the MISSION: CHRISTIAN home page.




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