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Molly McBride softcover set

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Get both books in the Molly McBride series for one low price! The stubborn five-year-old aspiring nun and her famous wolf-pet companion would approve! (But she’s still not taking off that purple habit.)

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Molly McBride and the Plaid Jumper (Book 2)

Molly McBride is back and she is as stubborn as ever about her purple habit. She will wear nothing else! She’s managed to keep it on for her sister’s Big Day, but now the faith-filled five-year-old has a whole new wardrobe worry: kindergarten! Join the McBride family and the kindergarten class at Holy Trinity School as Molly and her loyal wolf-pet, Francis, discover that what we wear isn’t as important as what God sees inside of us. Product details »


Molly McBride and the Purple Habit (Book 1)

Molly McBride wants to be a nun, just like her friends, the Children of Mary Sisters. That’s why she hasn’t taken off the purple nun’s habit her mom made for her ever since she got it. But now, everyone is saying she needs to wear a scratchy new dress for her older sister Terry’s Big Event. Will Molly and her wolf-pet, Francis, find a way to keep wearing her purple habit?

Join Molly and Francis as they learn all about nuns, habits, and being close to Jesus. Product details »

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