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Celebrating the Wisdom of St. Patrick in 10 Foldable Minibooks


Here’s a fun new way to teach your kids the basics of the faith: Family Moments Minibooks! Kids love folding their own little books…the perfect size for carrying anywhere.

First up in this new series: The Wisdom of St. Patrick. With art from Jen Norton, bits to color, prayer prompts, blessings, and the words of St. Patrick, each of the 10 books in this set create a little moment for teaching kids the basics of their faith. Book titles include:

Persecution and Perseverance + Vision and Mission + One God
Freedom and Faith + Nature and Creation + Grace and Gratitude
The Trinity + Jesus Christ + Prayer and Zeal + Church and Community

Plus, get two bonus books—a miniature St. Patrick coloring book and The Lorica of St. Patrick…the perfect size for memorization work! Scroll down for a free preview.

Each book folds to 8 pages; watch our video tutorial (below) for folding instructions.

How many copies can you print? Once you have the PDF, you can make as many copies as you like. If you plan to print many copies for a large group, please consider voluntarily purchasing multiple copies (change the quantity to do so). Your voluntary, non-obligatory contribution speaks to the value you place on us creating more resources like these.




How to Fold Your Minibooks

It’s easy once you get the first one down—even young kids (ages 5 and up) can learn how to make these.

We recommend that you not use heavy paper (e.g., cardstock). Here’s a video tutorial:



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